5 Video Editing Tips

One of the best ways to share with your friends the emotions experienced during your holiday, is with a personal video with breathtaking pictures and sound. Many share that idea, but eventually give up for lack of technical knowledge, especially video editing. The following 5 tips for video editing will help you avoid this unnecessary frustration.

video editing

Audio Recording Test
Sound directly draws attention and brings excitement to video. A bad sound can totally ruin a potentially good video. The simple sound check before and after making the recording, helps ensure that the sound is clear and powerful, and can also avoid unnecessary frustration to edit your home videos.

Simply record ambient sounds, no matter what, can be of great importance for further editing. You can help improve the continuity of the video, for example, with smooth transitions in image and sound. Moreover, sound and image quality should be at the same level, because if one is better or worse, viewers will be distracted by that and lose the thread of the story you want to tell.

Control Your Video Material
Also the simplest mistake, like forgetting to press the record button, can occur. Therefore, it is important to always be cautious and check several times recorded material and sound. Sometimes it happens that you focus so much on a single aspect of the video, forget details such as lighting, picture, white balance and focus. Even when you believe you have been made a spectacular record, that joy can be tarnished, eg by forgetting to take stock of white, with video editing is very difficult and expensive to perform. Worse, the material will never again have that look 100% natural and, thus, may no longer be useful.

Record a Lot of “B-Roll Material
The “B-roll” stuff, also known as second or security equipment, could save one life, when it comes to video editing. This material unplanned helps refine a story or stories or enhance images. For example, you can reinforce a long interview with “B-roll” stuff to make it look more interesting or compelling. One of the great frustrations is when, to edit videos, one realizes that he has no material “B-Roll” enough to tell the story as it as one had imagined. For this reason, it is always recommended to record “B-Roll” all material possible. In this regard, a fun little video:

Box and Continuity
Invest some energy for planning a recording. A well-planned recording, manages to keep the attention of viewers and even affect your mood. The combination of sizes and angles helps tell the story you want and achieve the desired effects on the public. For example, a good image is better to describe a site, while a foreground creates more intimacy and better connects the viewer with the subject. If you sit down to work on video editing, it is always better to have a variety of images of a particular issue, because it helps to develop the story more logically and creatively.

Avoid Unnecessary Accounts
Many holiday videos consist only of a traveler tells the camera as he has lived, seen and heard. Everything that can be spectacular for the traveler, the viewer is BORING! So you have to try one’s presence before the camera is always the minimum possible. Rather than stand in front of the camera and tell everyone how great it is this or that, for viewers would be much better to see it, does not it? The maximum to edit videos, is to give the viewer the feeling that he is traveling the same. The images and the sound must then be so good, so that the viewer can feel that travels with them!